Where Ideas Take Shape

We fuel early stage ideas and projects with our in-house technical resources and 'startup services' to quickly validate and scale early stage tech ventures


Saltmines is a startup studio

We are here to balance your team as a "technical co-founder" backed up by our talented engineers and mobile developers.


Designed for scale and speed

We ramp our teams quickly to test the market faster with a our unique low cost, yet high quality, infrastructure


Consider us co-pilots, fine tuning the rhythm of your process

Businesses that demonstrate an opportunity need capital, networking and leadership. Here are some companies we've launched along the way.


Saltmines is a startup studio. We can serve as a "technical co-founder" when needed, but also apply technical expertise on a project-by-project basis.

In other words, we are organised to exchange our service for equality/participation rights which can offer founders and investors a high speed on-ramp for technical resources that are aligned with the success of venture.

Our team of 20+ engineers and mobile developers currently has capacity to take on new projects and we welcome the opportunity to share our service model with other early stage ventures stakeholders.


Not an Incubator

We serve as a "technical co-founder" for early stage ideas.
Office space is nice, but a balanced, talented team is critical

Not Angel Investors

We roll up our sleeves, pull all nighters and are prepared
to exchange sweat for equity.

Not An Accelerator

We supply mentorship AND technical services without
having to raise capital for design and development.

Not Venture Investors

We seek early ideas with vision and founders with
a drive to retain control of their concept.


Our Deal

Canvas Pre-Screening

Saltmines internal review of concepts, vetting, and presentation to Saltmines Project Committee.

Find Agreement+Build Team

Upon committee approval, Saltmines works with concept's to refine scope and develop a mutually beneficial agreement to move forward. Next, our team will be mobilized and project plan will be put into motion.

Prototyping & Validation

Next, team will continue market exploration, outreach, product development and prototyping to approach potential customers and stakeholders.


Assuming validation and traction is achieved, technical development begins and customer acquisition strategy, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) are deployed.

Commercialization & Graduation

Spin-out corporate team and product as a new entity with a market ready strategy and a support structure for rapid growth.




Vero Beach




Instructions & Suggestions

Use this opportunity as an exercise to better understand your business and to clearly address the most common questions investors and customers have when thinking about whether or not to sign-on. For instance, a good canvas should, at a minimum, address the following questions in a cleat and concise manner.

  • What is the problem or opportunity you are addressing?
  • Briefly describe the product or service you envision.
  • How will it add value for users/customers?
  • For whom are you creating value?
  • How big is the overall addressable market?(Provide sources for your estimate)
  • Will you go-to-market with a focus on particular segments of the market?
  • What market or user trends are occurring that may support your proposed solution for this customer?
  • Who else is trying to address this problem/opportunity?
  • How is your approach significantly different and how does it deliver more value?
  • How do you propose to initially acquire customers?
  • What additional channels exist to reach customers as this solution is scaled?
  • What revenue streams will exist for this solution?
  • Who is currently on the team trying to commercialize this (include Linkedln link where applicable)
  • And specify if they will be working part-time or full-time.
User Trends
Market Size
Revenue Model
to submit?

we also suggest including other supporting materials you may have, including

Deck & Executive Summary
Wireframes & Prototypes